Hi Teresa, pls email me at jedsantamaria@gmail.com and I'd be happy to send you sheet music. Thanks!
Jed  11-22-13, 11:24am

Would it be possible for you to send me the piano score for "A Child is Born?" I would love to use the song this Christmas in our church in a foreign country that I cannot mention. Thanks.
Teresa  8-28-13, 1:10am

Jed, You music continues to warm the heart and inspire. I emailed you last year requesting the music to Softly, Sweetly for our small church in Appalachia. You graciously sent the music and we use the song in the Christmas eve service. To this day the song is mentioned when Christmas is discussed. Would it be possible to purchase the sheet music to A Child is Born and A Christmas Prayer for this year's service? Also have you thought about putting together a song book with the cd? You are blessed as a healer that goes beyond medicine. Keep creating
Bill  11-5-12, 7:56pm

Hi Karen, pls send me your email address at jedsantamaria@gmail.com and I'd be happy to send you sheet music. Thanks!
Jed  10-29-12, 12:33am

Is there any way to get the piano score for A Christmas Prayer, if so, how do I proceed
Karen  10-22-12, 8:11am

Dear Jed,

I found your wonderful song, "A Child Is Born" on the songsofpraise.org website and it inspired me to make a video.
I hope it meets with your approval.
May God richly bless you and continue to inspire your music!
ltg  12-21-11, 8:10am

Thanks Wayne! Please email me at jedsantamaria@gmail.com and I will attach the chord sheet in my reply. Merry Christmas and God bless you!
Jed  12-15-11, 11:33pm

Your Music is very comforting and inspiring. Is there a way of getting the sheet music, especially for A Christmas Prayer?
Wayne  11-29-11, 12:31pm

Hello world! Happy Thanksgiving! I just spent the morning setting up this new message board. I see there have been a lot of comments on my songs on songsofpraise.org so I figured I'd go ahead and start a place for comments on my own site as well. Feel free to tell me how you've been blessed by this music. Thank you and God bless!
Jed  11-24-11, 5:20pm

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