Enjoy 10 original compositions and arrangements that celebrate the Christ in Christ-mas. You can also download them on iTunes or Amazon (CD | Digital). Check out some of the promo videos below. Visit my YouTube page to view these songs performed at my 2009 concert. Merry Christmas and God bless!

What listeners are saying...

When we played your song "Softly, Sweetly," there was a hush over the church. It was a wonderful moment. I cannot thank you enough for help with this. You may not know the power of your music but you have not only touched me but so many here. Thank you! May the peace of Christmas be with you.

Your song "A Child Is Born" is a very soul-inspiring, spiritually-enriching masterpiece! We need more songs like this. It's a song for all season.

"A Christmas Prayer" and "Softly, Sweetly" are both are truly magical Christmas melodies.

The first time I listened to your songs was yesterday and I’ve found myself humming the tune today. Having lost my dad suddenly at the beginning of the year, I’m definitely not looking forward to Christmas. But your songs were quite reassuring and the music comforting in a sense... shows how much passion you’ve put into your music.

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