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Whoa, only two months til Christmas! Are you already listening to Christmas music like me? :) I don't have any plans to perform my songs this year, but I pray that their message continue to make their way around the world and into the hearts and minds of many this season.


As another year rushes to a close, I'd like to thank all of you who supported me this season, particularly my new wife Crystal and my new friends Krystal De Rosas and Brian Malolot who helped bring my songs to life at several churches this season. Thank you Pastor Elmer Taglorin of Delta Baptist Church in Bay Point, Pastors Alex Lim and Jojo Martinez of Community of the Word Chino, Pastor Nate San of Regeneration Church in Anaheim, and Pastor Mel Abenoja of Saved by Grace Church in Cerritos for allowing me the privilege of fellowshiping with your congregation and sharing with them the holy message of Christmas through my music.

On this New Years' Eve eve, I leave you with an email I received from a gentleman who purchased my CD.
God has blessed you with your talent. We have a small church in the mountains of Tennessee-a very rural and poor area. The church has been struggling over the past few years but has recently experienced God's hand in touching our hearts. We feel God is with us and we are reaching out to others. I say all this because music has touch so many and meant so much to our church. When we played your song "Softly, Sweetly," there was a hush over the church. It was a wonderful moment. I cannot thank you enough for help with this. You may not know the power of your music but you have not only touched me but so many here. Thank you!! May the peace of Christmas be with you.



"Another year has come and gone without delay. So many reasons to celebrate today...." are the have-never-been-more-true lyrics that begin my song "Next Christmas," a song that came true this past year as God blessed me with a beautiful and godly wife to share next (now this) Christmas with, and whose prayers no doubt helped me deliver a message which God put on my heart to preach at my brother's church in the Bay Area this past Thanksgiving weekend. It was also another opportunity to play some of my Christmas songs including this song which I had dedicated to my wife Crystal at our wedding three weeks ago, just less than a year after I had dedicated it to her at my concert in December 2009 (she didn't know it was for her the first time). Indeed, how God was, is, and will always be faithful!


TV Host Jannelle So: "So what's YOUR Christmas wish, Jed?" Being the good journalist that she is, she caught me off guard with this question. Hear my answer at 4:30pm, Christmas Eve on "Kababayan L.A.", Channel 18 (LA). I praise God for yet another hookup through my Kuya Ner de Leon AKA "the gift that keeps on giving." But of course we know that Jesus is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, every Christmas, and everyday. In fact let me share with you some more proof of that.

Today started out in a frenzy. Just 3 hours before the TV taping up in LA, all I had was a 4 octave Casio keyboard to play. This would've been pretty embarrassing. But... this search for a keyboard set me in the direction of my friends at Lord of Harvest Church in LA, where Pastors Jonathan and Benny Aranas and Pastor Mel Abenoja hooked me up with a 6 octave keyboard just in time for the taping across town on the west side. And not only did things work out musically, but I was able to have a very blessed conversation with Pastor Mel, which humbled me at the same time gave me hope and encouragement at the perfect time. Take-home message: SEEMINGLY INCONVENIENT DETOURS CAN LEAD TO DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, an awesome Christ-filled night!


WOW... It's December!!! Are you ready? Ready for another Christmas? The cold weather? A new decade? More importantly, are you ready to be blessed? What do I mean? "Well it's Christmastime! Of course, I'm ready to receive gifts galore." No, your blessings will surpass that my friend! I'm talking about the love and presence of family, friends, and the One who brought them into your life. I'm talking about a joy that will last past Dec 25, into the new year, and into ETERNITY. It's the joy of knowing that One, Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior. Still thinking "Huh?" Let's chat in person at my concert... (It's more like a Christmas party!)